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Financial Abuse: What is it; Who is Impacted; What to Do. (ME22-74/23)

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November 30 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Event Description

As trusted advisors, CPAs have a unique perspective and knowledge of their clients’ financial lives. Sometimes, that view may include glimmers of financial abuse. If that is the case what can, or should you do? This seminar will provide answers to that question and many more around this sensitive topic. You will come away with a comprehensive understanding of financial abuse as well as resources and steps you can take if you suspect a client is a victim of financial abuse. This seminar will be chock full of interesting and useful information including take-aways that will help you, and your clients faced with the challenges of financial abuse. Presenters: Alison Thompson, family law attorney, Barbara Schlichtman, estate planning attorney, and Allison Bishop, financial coach.    

Designed For

CPAs, CFPs, other financial professionals


Raise awareness around the issue of financial abuse and provide a framework for taking action if the financial abuse of a client is suspected.

Major Subjects

• Identify warning signs which point to financial abuse• Learn about the various remedies available through family court for spouses who experience financial abuse, including new state legislation• Discover different ways seniors are vulnerable to financial abuse from both family members and others, and how the law currently attempts to protect them• Hear about common scenarios that seniors and their families often face, and best practices to protect everyone involved• Find out about resources available and steps financial professionals may want to take if they suspect a client is a victim of financial abuse






November 30
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
1 Credits


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Live Video Conference
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