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Surgent’s Incredible Leadership Transformations in Accounting – Ways to Improve Leadership and Communication (SU1491/24)

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June 4 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Event Description

Successful accounting and finance leaders are in a highly competitive workplace environment. They are a lot like the coaches of winning teams. They may lack the whistle and the playbook, but it’s their job to inspire people to give their all. They may not be yelling directions from the sideline; however, they do deal with real-time performance problems, discipline issues, and bad attitudes. Leadership is serious business. A high-energy atmosphere at work makes for happier employees, who are in turn more productive. But this culture does not happen by accident. You have to create it. A key component to success comes from eliminating barriers by ensuring the team is not sidetracked by conflict. In addition, the best leaders have a vision and share it. Then along the way, they set goals so the team can move forward. This course will help you transform into a forward-thinking and results-driven strategic accounting leader. You will learn leadership best practices to achieve results and be seen as a credible and trusted leader.

Designed For

All finance professionals


Inspire your team to tackle tough challenges Become a highly respected leader who achieves results Resolve conflicts Create a team environment that is fun, productive, and profitable Strengthen morale and keep employees motivated Eliminate negative attitudes Positively energize the work climate Recognize and build on your leadership strengths Gain more respect from coworkers, colleagues, and employees Help the team members reach and exceed their potential

Major Subjects

Explore the tenets of exemplary leadership which are requirements for highly effective leaders who achieve results and are respected by team members, peers, and other leaders Review key practices that recognize and build on leadership strengths to create a team environment that is productive, profitable, strengthens team members’ morale, and fosters positive energy in the work climate Examine SMART goals to inspire teams to tackle tough challenges and help team members reach and exceed their potential Review conflict management techniques to minimize negative attitudes and foster win/win resolutions for team members






June 4
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
2 Credits


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