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Surgent’s Privacy and Security Training: Obligations of Confidentiality and Safekeeping (SU0544/24)

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January 22, 2025 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Event Description

Spear phishing. Ransomware. Malware. Like the threats your business faces, the cybersecurity lexicon is constantly evolving. This comprehensive presentation imparts practical privacy and data security know-how and creates fluency with the latest terminology. Learn best practices for cybersecurity safety, as well as tailored training for those in positions responsible for implementing security policies. It is just as important to be diligent, safe, and well-versed in the attacks that we face in our personal lives.

Designed For

Anyone who wants to better understand the current data privacy threats for individuals and businesses or anyone responsible for designing or implementing data security policies for their company or firm


Understand the importance of confidentiality and safekeeping of information in the accounting and finance professions, as outlined by professional conduct rules Identify the potential causes and consequences of a major cybersecurity breach Be familiar with email security best practices to mitigate the risk of phishing attacks and unauthorized access to sensitive information Understand security measures for remote work environments, including securing home networks and being cautious of phishing attempts Recognize the risks associated with IoT devices and public Wi-Fi networks, and implement strategies to mitigate these risks Understand the benefits of using a VPN for encrypting internet traffic and protecting against cyber threats while using public Wi-Fi networks Gain awareness of common phishing scams targeting text messages and phone calls, and learn techniques to identify and avoid falling victim to these scams Appreciate the importance of data loss prevention measures, including data classification, policy development, access controls, and endpoint security Understand the risks associated with third-party file sharing services and cloud storage, and learn best practices for securely sharing and storing sensitive information Recognize the importance of multi-factor authentication and other security measures in protecting against unauthorized access to confidential data Understand the potential risks and ethical considerations associated with the use of artificial intelligence and data profiling in the context of privacy and security Develop a culture of security awareness and cooperation within the organization, including effective communication channels for reporting security incidents and seeking assistance

Major Subjects

Obligations of confidentiality and safekeeping Security best practices to apply beyond work Likely causes and effects of a large-scale cyberattack Email security best practices Remote work security Mobile device security Internet of Things (IoT) risks Public Wi-Fi risk and the importance of using a VPN Recognizing and avoiding text message/phone call phishing Data loss prevention (DLP)






January 22, 2025
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
2 Credits


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