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Surgent's Artificial Intelligence for Accounting and Finance Professionals - On-Demand Webcast

April 11th, 2024 - April 30th, 2025 @ -

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Accounting and finance professionals have used different forms of automation over the years to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their work. So far, technology has not been able to replace the knowledge, experience, and decision-making of seasoned professionals. Times are rapidly changing. Today, systems easily exceed humans in accuracy and consistency. Artificial intelligence (AI) brings opportunities for accountants and finance professionals in the short term to improve efficiency and accuracy, while providing more value for businesses and customers alike. In the long term, AI will offer profound changes to how professionals work and process data. This course is designed to review where we are and where we are headed in the world of AI.


  • Be familiar with the fundamentals of artificial intelligence
  • Recognize the different types of artificial intelligence in use today
  • Understand how artificial intelligence will change the accounting and finance professions
  • Be able to explain data security and privacy best practices

Major Subjects

  • What is artificial intelligence?
  • What are the different forms of artificial intelligence?
  • The difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • The types of problems artificial intelligence can solve
  • The role of algorithms
  • How artificial intelligence will affect accounting and finance careers
  • Data governance, security, and privacy
  • How accounting firms are using AI today
  • The role of artificial intelligence in asset management