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September 2023 Bylaw Proposed Revisions

IRS suspends processing of ERC claims

In response to concerns about excessive fraudulent activity and filings for the Employee Retention  Credit, the IRS suspended processing of new ERC submissions effective September 14, through at least December 31, 2023.  The IRS is recommending business owners to consult with their trusted tax advisors to assess eligibility for ERC credits.

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Guidance for Contacting Maine Federal Legislators

Substantial Equivalency and 150 Hour Requirement

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Pump Up the Pipe Panelist, Lynn Thomas, JD, consultant, shares "18 Best Retention Tips"

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Surgent In-Firm Dedicated Training Programs

AICPA & NASBA Leadership Comment on 150 Hour Requirement

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CPAs have an endless array of exciting and interesting career opportunities. Learn more here!

Maine Tax Portal will Improve Access and Efficiency in Tax Filing Process

Tax season is about to get easier! On the Maine Tax Portal, a new online system of Maine Revenue Services, businesses will be able to file, pay, and manage taxes online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new Maine Tax Portal, will be available for most business taxpayers December 1, 2022. It will replace I-File, EZ-Pay, and MEETRS, which will be deactivated for most business taxpayers March 31, 2023.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Gather your records. Print filing and payment history from I-File, EZ-Pay, and MEETRS from the past three years.
  2. 2. Check the schedule. Confirm when the Maine Tax Portal will be available for the types of taxes you pay. [Link to rollout schedule]
  3. Create a username and password at
  4. Talk to your tax preparer. Third-party tax professionals will need to set up their own accounts, and get your authorization to access your accounts.

Learn more here. [link to landing page:]

Have questions? Get answers here [link to FAQ]

Diversity Equity & Inclusion in the Accounting Profession

DEI is " good business" for firms and employers of all sizes according to this recent CPA Journal article